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How to Keep Your Home Protected While Traveling

This time of year is one of the biggest for travel. With that being said, many homes are left and the opportunity for theft heightens. If you’re traveling this holiday season, follow these tips to keep your home and belongings safe for a stress-free vacation.

Invest in a home monitoring system

Home security is extremely important, especially if you’re going to be away for awhile. Many security systems allow you to watch from your phone to check on your house in real time. This is a great gift for your spouse as well!

Advertise your security

If you already have a home monitoring system or plan on purchasing one, make sure you advertise it outside your home! Many security companies will give you a small sign to stick in your grass or by any doors. Making it known that you have a security system will scare off anyone who shouldn’t be there.

Hold your mail

Or have a trusted friend or family neighbor pick it up for you. If mail piles up in your mailbox, someone can easily drive by and steal it. If someone else gets ahold of you mail, this opens many doors for crimes such as identity theft.

Lock up any valuables

Lock up anything extremely valuable to you in a safe, and I don’t just mean jewelry. Of course you need to hide your expensive things, but lock up any birth certificates, social security cards or car titles as well. 

Get rid of your hide-a-way key

Many homeowners keep a spare house key hidden incase they get locked out, but is it safe? It’s in your best interest to give that key to a trusted neighbor if you need it; thieves will often times look around to find that hide-a-way key and if they do find it, they’re in!

Leave an outdoor light on or get outdoor motion sensor lights

Leaving either an indoor or outdoor light on will make thieves believe someone is home. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving lights on, get outdoor motion sensor lights. When someone walks by, they’ll turn on and it may scare thieves away.

Don’t post on social media about your trip

This is easier said than done. Many people post photos of their trip. Thieves may be looking at your social media and can find out where you live and when you’ll be gone. Make sure your address isn’t posted either.

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