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“I’d Love to Sell My Home, but Have Nowhere to go!”

Today we’re going to talk about the number one question that has been brought to us in this post-pandemic era: “I’d love to sell our house but we have no place to go” 

What this looks like for the last 24 months is that houses have been selling so quickly that if you put your house on the market, it sells so rapidly that you don’t even have a chance to go out and look at properties! Therefore the potential to be homeless has been alarming to a lot of homeowners. 

What we’ve seen over the last six months is interest rates doubling. They’ve gone from 3% to 5.875%. That’s going to start to depress the market a little bit. It has already started to slow our market down! Currently, our inventory was up by 18 units as of yesterday. That’s a good thing! So that question that a lot of homeowners have right now of “I’d love to sell my house but I have no place to go” is going to start to be eliminated as sellers begin to accept more contingent offers, having a little bit more time on the market. That gives YOU more time to go out and look for that perfect property! This is just one of the things to think about as you talk through and discuss selling your property. We’re still at the top of the market; you can still maximize your equity right now when selling your home!

So if you’ve thought about putting your home on the market recently and want to discuss it further, reach out to Home Seekers today!

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