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Let’s talk about investment properties!

In 2007 during the downturn, my mentor at the time, Kevin Snow, taught me how to just dive into and unearth perfect opportunities for investors in and around East Lansing. That particular investment market is booming! A lot of people want to buy student rentals! There’s been a moratorium on licenses in East Lansing for longer than I’ve been in the business, which is about 20 years. The one thing that you want to realize is that if you want to buy properties in East Lansing, you really want to find someone that can educate you on the process of licensing. That can include the different classifications of the licenses, getting familiarized with what that means as an investor, what the return on the investment could be, (which is really a buy and hold strategy), how much it would cost price per license, and then that can expand into other areas of the Greater Lansing area as far as investments go. Home Seekers has specialized in the sale and acquisition of licensed rental properties around Michigan State University and that hasn’t changed! We are in a market where pulling your money out of the stock market might be a good strategy and maybe putting it into real estate.

If you’re interested in discussing investment opportunities further, reach out to Home Seekers today!

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